Group Biofeedback for Amazing Digestion!

Chronic Constipation, SIBO, Leaky Gut, Poor Assimilation... and ALL the things related to it!

Have you been suffering in the bathroom?  Or is your bowel like a toxic fire hose that can't stop? Say GOODBYE to digestive issues with group biofeedback sessions!  

Get Results FAST!
With Group Sessions from Unity Biofeedback!
  • Four Weeks of Group Biofeedback Services
  • Starts 6/1/2022 
  • $89, includes a Quanta Capsule
    • Only $39 if you already have a Quanta Capsule
  • Run biofeedback for yourself daily for a month with NEW capsule fills each week!

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Receiving biofeedback is like having naturopathic services right in your pocket.  At any moment you can tap into healing frequencies to release stuck pathogens, parasites, and disease states - AND the 
trapped, negative emotions that 
are related to poor health! 

What else can Unity Biofeedback help with?

Information courtesy of Araiah Jazzar, Unity Biofeedback
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