Extended Scan Program 

    Take your harmony to the next level

Extended Scan Program
Each month receive:

  • 4 Biofeedback Scans 
  • Quanta Capsule Fills
  • Scan Reports and Practitioner Voice Notes
  • One 30-Minute Consultation
  • Group Membership
  • De-Stress & Unwind Events are INCLUDED
    • Online with Kal Jurdi
    • In-person or online with Araiah and guests
    • Emotions and Trauma Release Support
    • Essential Oils Training and Classes
    • All one-time bonus coaching sessions included
    • Invite a friend to attend events each month

Set Up
Get this subscription program for only $125 per month!
My current monthly subscription price for a month long program is $444!
Your De-Stress & Unwind member price will not be offered to the general public.  
Price will NOT go up for you as long as your subscription is active.

Extended Scan Program $125. per month
Quanta Capsule Purchase $69. (One time)