Take Control Of Your Health & Wellness with
Group Biofeedback Events Essential Oils Training!
If you've ever wanted to develop a top/down understanding of how to achieve radiant health,
Regain balance, feel 
ALL THE VIBES and open up to a new future with our live
biofeedback and essential oils training events!

LIVE!  OCTOBER 18TH at 8:00 EST 
(7:00 CST, 6:00MST or 5:00PST) 

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Biofeedback is different from other approaches 
because it alleviates the energetic signature of certain health conditions. Our system identifies vibrational frequencies similar to those associated with specific illnesses and then remotely sends opposing frequencies so your body can reset and heal itself. 
*October Event!*

We do not diagnose or treat illnesses. We use cutting-edge biofeedback software to identify the
root causes of energetic conditions in a highly comprehensive way.  
Then we 
harmonize the vibrational frequencies that have been associated with these issues.
These FUN, fast-paced events are a thrill to attend, AND you receive a remote group healing session!

Here are some of the powerful energetic remedies you will experience during the live events.  
We offer the full energetic line of Young Living oils and many more amazing modalities!

Biofeedback events are $29 and include a group biofeedback scan, live results,
interactive naturopathic health chat; and powerful 15-minute balancing experience!